I can always remember being involved in music somehow, from my family singing in three-part-harmony during car journeys to helping my parents with their mobile disco business in the 1980's.  Born in London, I moved to rural Kent at the age of five and found myself attracted to music whilst living in serene surroundings.  Starting out with the Violin at age of nine, by the age of eleven I picked up the Guitar and my first computer simultaneously and immediately set about both composing and recording, where I had considered both as my primary instruments for composition ever since. 

Studying Classical Guitar at the  Royal School of Music (U.K.), Musical Theatre at the Miskin Theatre in Dartford (U.K.), Contemporary Musics at Bretton Hall College (U.K.), as well as advanced Guitar and Theory from the legendary celebrity Guitarist Chris Broderick [Megadeth] (U.S.A.), music had provided the perfect outlet for A.D.H.D. With the exception of a small covers band at the age of fourteen, I had only ever been interested in original composition from a variety of genres, but had been particularly influenced by Rock and Metal, along side the scores of Computer Games, TV and Film.


Undeterred at any point, I started out by writing music for 'cover-disks' for the Commodore Amiga whilst in secondary school, original scores for theatre whilst at the Miskin Theatre, and eventually short student films during (and after) his time at the prestigious Bretton Hall College. During my degree, I took an additional course from S.A.E. School of Audio Engineering (U.K.) for DJing in order to expand my repertoire.  Always passionate about having my own style and uniqueness to my compositions, I endlessly strive to stand out as a composer by keeping open to any and all styles of music, from all around the world.  By my mid-teens I discovered the world of Midi through the Amiga's rival the "Atari ST", which gave me far greater flexibility as a composer over sample-based composition by employing infinitely modular tone modules. From the age of 17 onwards, I had been writing endlessly, and embracing everything technology had to offer as tools to further my music. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I'd already started mixing Rock with film score by relentlessly making orchestral instruments as prominent in my songwriting as any standard instrument for a traditional rock band, and it would be this marriage of styles that became the staple to my music career in popular musics.

Eventually I was presented with my first opportunities to score for film in his second year at Bretton Hall College, when a tutor mentioned that there was a young director in need of a composer. I wrote his first score for the film 'High Force' intertwining Rock with Electronica with Film Score. The success of 'High Force' cemented my passion for scoring even further, and gave me confidence to pursue composition with a new sense of validation.  Whilst continuing to teach music in my spare time, I went on to work in both pre and post production roles within films in Iceland and China during the early 2000's, and in 2001 I composed the opening theme to the Australian MMORPG game 'Ishtan'.  By 2002 I noticed that Mobile Phone manufacturers were finally producing polyphonic ringtones using Midi, and immediately set to work producing AmbiSonic.co.uk, the first Web and Wap sites dedicated to the production and sale of original music for these phones, which remained a commercial success until I decided to change my musical career.

Eventually ny autumn 2006, I was finally struck by the realisation of what I had been creating all these years. Rock/Metal and Film Score could work together as a potential new genre of music that to date, hadn't been explored, save for single releases such as Jeff Wayne's 'Musical Version of War Of The Worlds'. Unlike popular Symphonic Metal genres, Film Score had a separate identity from classical that was more in-keeping with storytelling than in prominent melodies, and also did not conform to being 'short and sweet', allowing for more musical scope and experimentation.  I then decided to form "Splintered Soul', a band with a unique and highly memorable style, that continues to get incredible interest the world over, and that has had instant success since day one. By 2010 and 2012, Splintered Soul played at the Bloodstock Open Air Festival along side the biggest names in Heavy Metal, following a high budget recording deal along side one of the UK's top producers.  One particular Splintered Soul track (Cambyses) was featured on the cover of the November edition of Metal Hammer Magazine in 2012.

Whilst lecturing at Redbridge College (London), by 2015 I was approached by Occasional Films and was asked to be their composer due to their appreciation of the music I had been producing to date.  I then went onto provide composition and sound design for their Ident, the award-winning 'Poster Boy' (2016), 'Follow Me' (2017) as well as the theme for the Energie Group gymnasiums.




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