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Tom Salta
Composer & Producer
Associated Project: Deathloop (2021)

Chris' guitar and drum programming have been amazingly valuable to me over the years.

Stellita Loukas
Composer & Sound Designer
Associated Projects: Online Slots

Chris is one of those rare individuals who combine great talent with incredible professionalism and a wonderful personality. Not only can he write and produce a vast array of different styles of music to the highest quality, he is also an excellent guitarist and mixing and mastering engineer.

He takes the time to ask questions and thoroughly understand what is being required of him (meaning that iterations are rarely ever required) and is a true professional when it comes to deadlines. 

It is not only an absolute pleasure working with him but also a great honor having colleagues that are not only stellar professionals but wonderful people as well. 

Whether it is you are looking for someone to simply record guitar parts or to compose and produce the music for your entire project, I could honestly not recommend him highly enough.


Adam Fillary
Director of miRecall

"Chris Frost’s music is a myriad of emotion, mind altering visions and a storybook journey through the past, present & future.  Most of my feelings towards music differs, based on the experiences I call upon, yet with Chris Frost, I feel I am waiting to have new experiences engulf me.  Music is often a small in our world, but rarely a door to a new world."


Neil Monaghan
Director & Producer
Associated Project:
Follow Me (2018)

"I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Frost on a number of my recent productions. His prodigious talent in composition and production added enormously to all of these works. The films varied drastically in genre - from romantic comedy, through horror to a dance video – and Chris even composed our film company ident. In each case Chris created a score that perfectly complimented the action on screen."


"Chris has a knack for finding a kind of melodic ‘voice’ for each film; be it the distorted guitars used to great effect in our horror film Poster Boy or the lilting Celtic sounds from Follow Me."


"Chris is also a perfectionist who will never be satisfied unless he has given his absolute best. Professional, courteous and musically gifted, I cannot recommend Chris Frost highly enough."

Neil Monaghan.jpg

Steve Blacker-Barrowman
Associated Project: Poster Boy (2016)

"I've worked with Chris on several projects and he's always been able to take ideas and run with them, setting a high standard for himself and providing work that elevates a project well beyond what we could have hoped."


Martin Hobby Photography
              SWPP Event Photographer of the Year 2011


"Chris Frost puts so much effort and passion into everything he does, from his sound, to his live performance and image.  Chris’ vision is a driving force and I am proud to be associated with him."

Shane McFee

Kazrog LLC

"The main reason I chose to give Chris Frost an endorsement was his level of innovation, not only musically but also in terms of how he interacts with his fan base and the sincerity of his equipment endorsements.  All of the products that he endorses, he depends upon and stands by, as well as promote to his fans (many of which are also musicians themselves.) "


Mike Crampton

Former student of Chris Frost

"I am a former student of Chris Frost. I am currently a performing musician, Audio Engineering student, Composer and mixing engineer and I could guarantee that I would not be doing what I am now if it was not what Chris has taught me over the years."


"As a student of his for 10 years (aged 8 to 18), Chris’ knowledge of a vast array of different types of music, recording, mixing techniques, musical theory has help guide me into what I am currently perusing and will always stay with me."


"Chris has always had an unwavering enthusiasm and passion of Music Technology and this undoubtedly comes across when being under his instruction. His ability as a teacher goes well beyond just knowledge and feeding it to you on a spoon. He would encourage you to think and to question in order to form your own ideas and ultimately give yourself a better understanding. Chris has extensive knowledge of musical theory, composition, recording and mixing techniques and has always kept up to date with the latest developments in these fields. His ability to explain concepts and ideas complements what he knows. His way of thinking is so intuitive, and encourages students to think outside the box, which in today’s Industry is exactly the sort of student you want to see. Not only would he help question your knowledge but your own ability too. He would always strive for me to achieve my best and try shoot way beyond what I thought I was capable of."

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