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Welcome to my showreel

Hey Jeremi,

Many thanks for coming to check out my showreel.  Below you will find a selection of my works.

A little about me;


I have enjoyed a career as a European touring musician with 13 brands of sponsorship,  and had been working in the entertainment industry since 1994 as a Theatre and Film Composer.  In 2019 I finally broke into the one industry he always wanted to work in, video games.  Within my first year in this field I contributed to the AAA title “Deathloop” from Arkane Studios as a Guitarist for Tom Salta, and was his assistant for two years.  To date have worked in 33 online Casino Slots through Stellita Loukas Creative, bringing both music and sound design to such names as Kalamba Games, AvataruX, and Bet Industries.  Being passionate about my craft, I believe that no game deserves any less effort or quality than another, so whether it’s a AAA project or a small indie, long or short deadlines, each project gets my best effort.  I am a firm believer in clear lines of communication and makes it paramount that clients get exactly what they want, and where possible, like to surprise them by going over and above.

I specialise in Rock and Metal genres, as well as Orchestral, often combining the two into Cinematic (or Symphonic) Metal.  I am also highly adept at World Music and World Music fusion, bringing in elements of Progressive music.  My strength is in writing evocative melodies, complex yet addictive rhythms, and generally 'Epic' stylistics.  I am drawn to immersive stories in Games (particularly Sci-Fi genres) and always surpass the brief, giving clients much more than they were expecting.


I am Wwise certified, I am experienced at producing music in Dolby Atmos format and have a fully kitted out studio for all my musical needs.  I communicate clearly and concisely, delivering assets early enough before deadlines for clients to request revisions should they need them.  I am also a BAFTA member, and featured on IMDB.


Please feel free to check out my showreel below, all tracks therein were used in Video Games.


Kind regards,

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

+44 771 9256510

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