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Welcome to my showreel

Dear Quantic Dreams

Thank you for looking at my showreel.  I have reached out to you as I would like to ask for the opportunity to pitch for your upcoming projects as a Composer.  After the success of your beautifully crafted Detroit: Become Human, I am incredibly excited to see more from your Star Wars Eclipse upcoming release.

As well as a long history composing for film and online slots, I have been fortunate to have contributed towards Tom Salta's score Deathloop (2021) [nominated for 6 BAFTAs and was critically acclaimed 'Game of the Year 2021'], as well as another of his forthcoming AAA+ releases yet to be named (March 2022).  I am also finishing up another score in  for a prominently known Chinese developer.  The main areas of expertise in which gets me hired tend to be Orchestral and Rock, but there is a lot more to me than meets the eye.  I get excited by new and diverse musical styles, especially if they differ from projects I worked on in the past.  As a long standing Star Wars fan, I am intimately familiar with John Williams' music and would enjoy the opportunity to work on your projects.

I am a diligent professional whom delivers polished music ready for implementation, eager to work with you on your project.  My greatest assets are in delivering above and beyond what was expected, and on time.


Please scroll down to listen to my reel.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

+44 771 9256510

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