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If you would like to expand your skill set and learn from an experienced composer, I offer classes via Skype/FaceTime so you need never leave the comfort of your own home.  With over thirty years of experience in writing for film, games and popular music genres, each class is bespoke and tailored to the individuals needs.  Classes can be booked to suit your availabilities and time zones, and study material can be provided in almost any format you require.  A twelve-week Composition 101 course can be booked for those looking to get into composition for the first time, or an ongoing open-ended booking can be made for those who are looking to add to their skill sets.  Simply get in touch to express your areas of interest in composition, and we can discuss the classes which are right for you.


So you have a home recording setup and would like to learn how best to use it? Then you came to the right place!  With thirty years of recording and production both analogue and digital setups, I can both teach and advise you on how best to use your equipment, or suggest alternatives to suit your needs.  Lessons are provided by a thirty-minute class using Skype/FaceTime or Steinberg’s VST Connect, that include a split-screen view of my own studio for you to watch in real time during the lesson.  This is the perfect class for anyone who wants to be able to write and/or record from home, and the results are virtually instantaneous.


If you own a Guitar and have a computer with a Webcam, I can tutor you in a variety of styles without you even leaving the house.  With over thirty years of teaching hundreds of players aged five to sixty, you will find each class is tailored to your bespoke needs in regular weekly sessions.  Learning material can be provided in a variety of formats (such as Guitar Pro, Sibelius, PDF and MP3) and lessons can be scheduled to accommodate your availabilities/time zone.  If you don’t yet own a Guitar (or relevant equipment), please feel free to get in touch for recommendations to suit your budget.


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