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Thin Lizzy - Roisin Dubh (Black Rose) cover by Chris Frost

Thin Lizzy - Roisin Dubh (Black Rose) cover by Chris Frost

I set myself a challenge to recreate the 1979 recording of Roisin Dubh from Thin Lizzy's Black Rose album as close to the original as possible, using only what I had available. Recording consists of; - ORIGINAL Phil Lynott vocal (ripped from the original recording), - MIDI drums mapped to Brian Downey's performance, based on a Premier kit with a detuned brass snare. Hats were set as spot mic’d, the overheads were dropped slightly in favour of the ambient mics for the cymbals, - Schecter P-Bass Custom 5 with flanger, - Epiphone Les Paul Nuclear Extreme upgraded with Graphtech's Ratio tuners, Aged TUSQ Nut, Resomax Bridge and Resomax Tailpiece, - Brian May Special, used solely for Gary Moore's lead line during the Mason's Apron section (for pickup phase). I used a tube screamer before the amp to help with the tone. All other Guitars were the Les Paul, - Guitars tracked through a 1968 Marshall Superlead into an ENGL 412 pro and mic’d with a Royer ribbon, all double-tracked. ADT applied to the double tracks, - The Marshall was EQ’d with the mids maxed out, bass around 4, treble around 7 and the presence around 4. No other effects were used in the chain, however there is a plate reverb added during recording, - Guitars were not comped for that more 'live' feel, - Guitars and bass retuned to 432.9hz to closely match the tuning on the original record, - As the majority of the Guitars were tracked with the Les Paul, I tried to differentiate them by varying my vibrato as well as different EQ settings on the amp, but realistically two different Les Pauls would have been better in hindsight, - Bass tracked through an Ampeg SVT, with a heavy EQ drop north of 1khz and roll off south of 55hz, - Aural Exciter applied for that 14khz boost to the main mix. For more information on my music, check out
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